Creative Digital Media

History is recorded moments in life. People’s thoughts, either great among others or just great in their own shadow. Every glimpse of life at that just moment, deserves to be treasured. So just “Keep That Thought”…

Internet Business Solutions

Internet Business Solutions actually stands for providing highly creative and innovative solutions for all sorts of Internet Business problems. It’s services span across entire gamut ranging from conceptualization to implementation of any internet business initiative or enterprise.

Website Designing

Website designing or web designing is an art and a science also. Websites need to be aesthetically pleasing and they must be extremely user friendly from the navigation point of view. At the same time, they must comply with W3C standards and appeal to various search engines. We know how to balance the both.

Internet Marketing

Having just a website is not enough, it must be marketed well. The websites need to be marketed not only to the users but also to the search engines and other websites which refer traffic to your website. We undertake Internet Marketing only after in depth research and complete understanding of your business. Internet marketingcomprises,

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique used to market a website to the search engines.

Google Adwords Advertising or PPC

Google Adwords Advertising or Pay per click (PPC) is a paid form of advertising wherein the advertiser pays the amount based on the traffic generated for his or her website.

SMM or Social Media Marketing

SMM or Social Media Marketing is marketing through social media networks. For the companies and professionals, what could be a better place to promote their products and services, than these virtual meeting places.

Content Writing

Content writing for Websites is quite different from the traditional copy writing. Writing content for online media involves use of keywords and keyword phrases to make a copy appealing not only to the users but also to the search engines. We undertake all sorts of copy writing activities required for promoting online businesses.

eCommerce Consultancy

eCommerce Consultancy is a complete project involving setting up eCommerce right from scratch. It begins with a lot of research and then followed by feasibility and projections. It essentially touches all the areas strategizing, targeting and positioning a business in the online space. It is followed by eCommerce website design and development. And, finally monitoring and corrective activities are also included in the project.

Online Brand Management

Brand management is oft repeated term in the offline form of marketing but when it comes to online marketing, it is hardly used. Even though, there is rush to be online and being first is priority, one should not neglect the basics of brand management. The online space poses different challenges to the online brand management due to altogether different set of marketing parameters one has to deal with while creating and promoting brand online.


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